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T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator Image Gallery

A collection of images from T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator, the latest exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum!


T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator Exhibit Review

The Royal Ontario Museums’ newest travelling exhibit takes audiences on a journey of Tyrannosaurid evolution and growth, both for the family and its most famous member.

Dino Docs! Prehistoric Planet

Prehistoric Planet Season Two Preview

It’s back! With season two on the horizon, it’s time to examine what we know about Prehistoric Planet’s much-anticipated sequel.

Dinosaurs The Mesozoic Mailbag

The Intelligence of Tyrannosaurus rex

A controversial new study has raised an important question: how much do paleontologists really know about dinosaur brains?

The Mesozoic Mailbag

Year in Review: Paleontology in 2022

Need a recap of the top discoveries, research, and events in paleontology from the last year? Look no further!

Dinosaurs The History of Paleontology

Why are Paleontologists Obsessed with Spinosaurus?

Instead of an in-depth analysis of the latest paper about Spinosaurus, it’s time to examine why this dinosaur is such a controversial subject for paleontologists.

Dinosaurs The Frightening Fossils

A Beginners Guide to Mummified Fossils: Part Two

Looking for a quick and easy guide to the mummies of prehistory? Look no further! Part two of two.

A Guide to Fossil Formations Dinosaurs

A Complete Guide to the Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life of Madagascar’s Maevarano Formation

At the end of the Cretaceous Period, the island of Madagascar was home to a collection of strange creatures not found anywhere else on earth. Welcome to a guide of Madagascar’s long-lost wonders…

Book Reviews Max's Random Ramblings

All Yesterdays and the Re-Imagination of Prehistoric Art

One of the most bizarre and unique pieces of paleo-media out there, the speculative art book All Yesterdays simultaneously advances – and critiques – our gateway to prehistory.

Dinosaurs Species Spotlight

Special Article: Wendiceratops, Sloboda’s Horned Dinosaur

In honour of a special occasion, today’s article will examine Wendiceratops, one of Alberta’s newest – and most unique – horned dinosaurs.