Mammals The Frightening Fossils

Halloween Special: Ice Age King Kong

Since 1935, primate teeth scattered around Asia have hinted at the presence of something massive. But what do we really know about this giant? And is it the culprit behind some of our superstitious beliefs?

Carboniferous The Frightening Fossils

Halloween Special: How the Carboniferous Was Bugging Out

For those afraid of creepy-crawlies, you have it easy living today. Travel back 300 million years, and you’d find a whole host of terrifying arthropods awaiting you.

Dinosaurs The Frightening Fossils Weird Dinosaurs

The Frightening Fossils: Behold the Dino-Bats!

Bats are an iconic staple of horror tropes. But did these menacing animals have dinosaur equivalents? And did these animals drink blood too?