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The Spinosaurus Chronicles 4: The Return of the Dino-Stork

Welcome to Max’s blogosaurus, the website unofficially dedicated to Spinosaurus! Especially when paleontologists talk about its ability to swim! Read about the latest update to Spinosaurus here.

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Hooray! Another Spinosaurus Article!

A deposit of Spinosaurus teeth has been discovered in Morocco. What does this mean for the theory that Spinosaurus was aquatic? And will I have to write about Spinosaurus anytime soon?

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The Truth About Megalodon: The World’s Largest Extinct Shark

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Megalodon, or at least watched The Meg. But does the Jason-Statham adrenaline fuel have any basis in reality?

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The Terror From the Cretaceous Lagoon

During the late Cretaceous period, a giant Alligator ran roughshod over the dinosaurs of southern America. Read about the terror of the Cretaceous lagoon, Deinosuchus.