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The First Dinosaur was Named What now?

While today we recognize fossils as the remains of extinct animals, our ancestors weren’t so observant. This led to a few… peculiar name choices, including that of the first known dinosaur fossil…

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The Best of Paleontology in 2020

A collection of the best headlines, species and research in the field of paleontology from 2020

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Giants, Dwarfs and Hungarian Barons: The Story of Haţeg Island

Transylvania is home to many strange legends and myths, most famously that of Count Dracula. But was its past during the late Cretaceous even more bizarre? Read about the wonders of Hateg island to find out.

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A New Theory: Was Tyrannosaurus Nocturnal?

Many paleontologists have tried to explain how Tyrannosaurus hunted food. With many theories being unsatisfying, I propose a new one: was Tyrannosaurus nocturnal?

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Dino Docs: Jurassic World

I held hope that Jurassic World would be the film to finally bring accuracy to mainstream dinosaur films. Were my expectations met, or completely destroyed? A review of Jurassic World.

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Hooray! Another Spinosaurus Article!

A deposit of Spinosaurus teeth has been discovered in Morocco. What does this mean for the theory that Spinosaurus was aquatic? And will I have to write about Spinosaurus anytime soon?


Tyrannosaurus For Sale!

On October 6th 2020, one of the most important Tyrannosaurus fossil will go on sale. But what does this mean for paleontology? And how much money would you need to buy it?


How McDonalds Saved the World’s Greatest Tyrannosaurus AKA The Legacy of Sue

A museum, Disney, and McDonalds walk into an auction to buy a dinosaur. What happens next? Read about Sue, the world’s most complete Tyrannosaurus to find out.

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Beelzebufo, Madagascar’s Devilishly Large Frog

Can a frog eat a dinosaur? Read about Madagascar’s “Devil Frog” to find out.

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The Truth About Megalodon: The World’s Largest Extinct Shark

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Megalodon, or at least watched The Meg. But does the Jason-Statham adrenaline fuel have any basis in reality?