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Prehistoric Planet Episode Two: Deserts

Moving away from coastlines and into the barren Mesozoic sun, Prehistoric Planet continues to blaze through all expectations

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Misinformation and the Media: Clickbait in Paleontology

Despite being a scientific field, paleontology often finds itself victim to clickbait of Gigantic proportions.


As Hungry as a Sauropod: The Morrison’s Giant Conundrum

The Morrison Formation is the unofficial home for giant sauropods. But did they all live together? And if so, what happened to the poor plants?

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Giants, Dwarfs and Hungarian Barons: The Story of Haţeg Island

Transylvania is home to many strange legends and myths, most famously that of Count Dracula. But was its past during the late Cretaceous even more bizarre? Read about the wonders of Hateg island to find out.