Mammals The Mesozoic Mailbag

A Farewell to the Siberian Unicorn? 

Was Siberia’s ice age unicorn just your average rhinoceros?

Mammals The Frightening Fossils

Halloween Special: Ice Age King Kong

Since 1935, primate teeth scattered around Asia have hinted at the presence of something massive. But what do we really know about this giant? And is it the culprit behind some of our superstitious beliefs?

Mammals Max's Random Ramblings

Avocados & Giants: Companionship Through Life and Death

Is there a connection between the avocados in your guacamole and extinct giant ground sloths? The answer may surprise you.

Dinosaurs The Mesozoic Mailbag

The Best of Paleontology in 2020

A collection of the best headlines, species and research in the field of paleontology from 2020

Documentary reviews

Dino Docs: Prehistoric Park

In 2006, my grandfather recorded Prehistoric Park on VCR. I still watch it to this day. A review of my favourite docuseries, BBC’s Prehistoric Park.

Museum Reviews

The Royal Tyrell: The Ultimate Museum of Prehistory

Some places have an almost mythic feel to them. The Royal Tyrell Museum of paleontology just might be one of those places. A review of the legendary natural history museum