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Halloween Special: Ice Age King Kong

Since 1935, primate teeth scattered around Asia have hinted at the presence of something massive. But what do we really know about this giant? And is it the culprit behind some of our superstitious beliefs?

The Mesozoic Mailbag

The Mesozoic Mailbag: Edition 2, April 2020

A collection of the latest headlines, species and research in the field of paleontology from March and April of 2020.


Dinosaurs on Ice: Could they Survive in Polar Climates?

We all like to think that dinosaurs lived in warm climates, but this was not always the case. Discoveries from both the Arctic and Antarctica have revealed that dinosaurs were more adaptable than what could previously be imagined.

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Liaoningosaurus: A Dinosaur… Turtle?

Dinosaurs took many strange shapes and sizes, though the ankylosaur Liaoningosaurus may just push this to the extreme.