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Halloween Special: Ice Age King Kong

Since 1935, primate teeth scattered around Asia have hinted at the presence of something massive. But what do we really know about this giant? And is it the culprit behind some of our superstitious beliefs?

Carboniferous The Frightening Fossils

Halloween Special: How the Carboniferous Was Bugging Out

For those afraid of creepy-crawlies, you have it easy living today. Travel back 300 million years, and you’d find a whole host of terrifying arthropods awaiting you.

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The Frightening Fossils: Behold the Dino-Bats!

Bats are an iconic staple of horror tropes. But did these menacing animals have dinosaur equivalents? And did these animals drink blood too?

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Misinformation and the Media: Clickbait in Paleontology

Despite being a scientific field, paleontology often finds itself victim to clickbait of Gigantic proportions.


As Hungry as a Sauropod: The Morrison’s Giant Conundrum

The Morrison Formation is the unofficial home for giant sauropods. But did they all live together? And if so, what happened to the poor plants?

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Africa’s Punk-Rock, Porcupine Dinosaur

Does the newest ankylosaurid stack up to its armoured relatives? Or is it the thorn in the side of the family?

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Avocados & Giants: Companionship Through Life and Death

Is there a connection between the avocados in your guacamole and extinct giant ground sloths? The answer may surprise you.

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50 Fun Facts About Prehistory & Paleontology

Article #50! For such an occasion, I wanted to do something fun. Inside are 50 of my favourite facts about prehistory, spanning everything from Dino-bats to devil frogs.

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Venomous Dinosaurs: Fact or Fiction?

Jurassic Park introduced the world to Dilophosaurus, a predatory dinosaur that could spit venom. But was it capable of this? And have any other dinosaurs been revealed as venomous?


Archaeoraptor and the Great Dinosaur Hoax

In 1999, a small bird fossil is hailed by National Geographic as the link between dinosaurs and birds. If this was the case, then why is it never spoken of? Read about the archaeoraptor conundrum to find out.