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The Growing Family of Southern Armoured Dinosaurs

On August 11th, paleontologists announced the discovery of a strange, armoured dinosaur from Argentina. Read about paleontology’s latest enigma and how it compares to other strange dinosaurs from the south…


The Fascinating Ancestry of the Sloth

While sloths today are lethargic tree-dwellers, their ancestors were different beasts entirely. But what happened to these wonderful animals? And what does Thomas Jefferson have to do with them?


Remembering José Bonaparte: The Man who Revolutionized South American Paleontology

A reflection on the life of José Bonaparte, the man who changed South American paleontology.

Dinosaurs Weird Dinosaurs

Meet The Meat-Eating Bull, Carnotaurus

Isolation produces strange results. Look no further than Carnotaurus, a dinosaur so outlandish that it hardly seems real.


Tyrannosaurus vs Giganotosaurus: Who is the Superior Killing Machine?

While Tyrannosaurus has long been hailed as the king of the dinosaurs, its crown has come under scrutiny. The challenger? Giganotosaurus, an animal even larger than T-rex.