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When is a Stegosaur not a Stegosaur?

Sometimes when a new dinosaur is discovered, the name makes total sense. Other times, paleontologists try their hardest to confuse everyone.


The Fascinating Ancestry of the Sloth

While sloths today are lethargic tree-dwellers, their ancestors were different beasts entirely. But what happened to these wonderful animals? And what does Thomas Jefferson have to do with them?

Dino Docs!

Dino Docs: Walking With Dinosaurs (1999)

In 1999, the BBC released one of the most commercially and critically successful dinosaur documentaries of all time. But has it stood the test of time? A review of the BBC classic Walking With Dinosaurs.


Remembering José Bonaparte: The Man who Revolutionized South American Paleontology

A reflection on the life of José Bonaparte, the man who changed South American paleontology.

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Meet The Meat-Eating Bull, Carnotaurus

Isolation produces strange results. Look no further than Carnotaurus, a dinosaur so outlandish that it hardly seems real.